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Summer Digging Explanation

Certain varieties that we grow can be dug throughout the summer season.  This process begins with digging a trench around the outside of what will become the root ball.  We then soak the roots multiple times with ample water, and a transplanting concentrate to improve results.  The concentrate we use aids in moisture retention and greatly improves survivability.  In another step, we apply the concentrate to the foliage through a spray, to reduce water loss through evapotranspiration.  We will then dig an oversized ball, immediately place the tree in the shade, and water.  After a short acclimation period, the tree is ready to ship.

This process is also applied to material that is unsafe to dig in the Fall.  Digging material out of season is a hazard.  This process only improves the chances of survivability.  Any material dug that requires this process, is entirely the responsibility of the customer.  All orders including out of season digging, must be accompanied by a  “Digging Hazard” sign-off sheet.

Garden State Nursery assumes no responsibility for material dug out of season.  This process requires an additional 20% charge on top of the cost of the plant. 


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