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Dear Phil,    

I wanted to thank you for the arb’s you sold me. I planted them in our “new home” backyard where they will provide great cover and privacy in the future.
Thank you again and have a wonderful summer.


Keither Kenter
@Trees In Travel

Hello Phil,

Thank you for all of the great plants this spring! We appreciate all of your effort to make the “crazy” season go smoothly. Thank you also for being so generous with our emplotee keith and the arborvitaes. He is really trying to fix up his “new” to him (but not really new ) home and the arbes really did a nice job. It was exptremely thoughtful of you and most appreciated by all of us! We look forward to getting more trees in the future.

Best regards,
Connie and Doug Herrmann


Dear Phil,

I wish to thank you for the tour of your amazing farm, for your patience with me and my “persnickety” client, and for dealing with my need for the trees to be dug immediately. The trees were a great success at the event and I know Central Park Conservancy will be thrilled to receive these plants. Your graciousness has won you a client and a fan.

All the best.


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